Thursday, November 3, 2016

We're Grreeat! 2016-2017 #superkruegerkids

Early this year in Ms. Krueger’s 5th grade class, we had our first project. It was called, This is Your Life. It was supposed to tell about ourselves.We also gave speeches or “commercials” on the cereal boxes that we made. It was an exercise in getting to know all of the different and unique students in our class. We had to make a timeline with at least 10 different facts, we needed to make nutrition facts saying different adjectives about us, and we had to make at least 5 fun facts. Then, we had to make a snapshot about a moment we will never forget, two word poem saying things about ourselves. Also, a fun game such as a crossword, maze, or coloring page. Last but not least, we had to make a self portrait and come up with a name for the cereal.  Once everyone was ready and our work was assembled on the cereal boxes, we wrote the first speech of the year. The speeches were meant to be commercials explaining everything on the boxes. We worked hard and were proud of our effort! Written by JoJo

Sunday, September 25, 2016

September Happenings!

What do you want to be more of this year? #superkrueger class reply and learn about a new app called Prisma. We want to be more helpful, kind, creative and many other robust, positive adjectives.

We have had a fabulous September!  Most students are engaged and ready to learn. They are understanding that hard work and effort are key. As well as showing thought and care for their work, and each other. We are learning more about our peers through different ways, such as a scavenger hunt and our multiple intelligence survey results. Here are some highlights of our happenings.
We understand that there are many different ways to be "smart" and each of has something to offer to make our classroom a great place to be.

Putting our heads together to solve math problems.
Listening and participating are necessary for success.

                                           Cooperative teamwork and problem solving.

                                         We went to our MakerSpace to build a robotic arm.

Our materials for the STEM challange.

Background information to help us design our version.

Teamwork and brainstorming.

Discussing our ideas.

Trying it out.

Improving our ideas.

                              We are readers. This year we will challenge ourselves to read, read and read We will select books at our level and also in a variety of genres.   Here are some of our first independent reading selections

 We also prepared for curriculum night to share our classroom and about fifth grade.
We learned that, Eat that Frog video is to remind us to do the hard stuff first.
This is a favorite spot for reading.

Our Tweets about reading.

 Our Cereal Box projects are displayed.
Personal Journals explain what we have been doing.

Students loved reading their parent responses.

More Cereal Box highlights in the next blog post. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome Back! 2016-2017

                                                                  Welcome to Fifth Grade!

I am so excited to be your teacher.Fifth grade is my favorite year. I love everything about it. The curriculum, kids and the energy in the air. I hope your summer was one filled with rest, relaxation and adventure.

Fifth grade is a time for many opportunities. You are the leaders of the school and much is expected from you. I have utmost confidence in your ability to meet that challenge.

We will learn about geography, economy,  explorers, colonies , American Revolution, as well as your heritage. In science we will learn about habitats, solar system, energy and matter. We will also continue to build our mathematical skills and delve deeper into division, multiplication, fractions and decimals. You will learn more about yourself, others and the world around you! Fifth grade is a most interesting and demanding year as you prepare for middle school. With hard work, determination and a positive attitude you will enjoy it. 
  Over the next few weeks we will learn more about each other. One of your assignments is to complete this survey about multiple intelligences . We will learn how we all have different "smarts" and different strengths. We will build on the strengths, as well as develop those that are not as strong. There are no right or wrong answers. Please take the survey and print the result at the end to bring back to school. Here is the link,Multiple Intelligence Survey Be thoughtful when answering the questions. Write your name on your result and bring it to class or if you have a google doc account, you may save the results there.

An item to bring by the end of the first week is an empty cereal box.If you have an extra bring it for someone who may forget. These will be used for our first project.

We will also learn the importance of having a growth mindset verses a fixed mindset. Watch the video to learn more about what a growth mindset is. Can you think of an instance when you or someone you know has shown a growth mindset?
Your parents also have homework! They have a letter to write to me about YOU! In a Million Words or Less- Tell Me about your Child, these may be emailed to me at or you may bring them in on or before September 16th. 

Healthy snacks are encouraged as long as the first three ingredients are not sugar. You may eat your snack when you are hungry. 

It will be helpful for you to bookmark this blog. Explore the different tabs and helpful links and take a look at former fifth grade adventures. Looking forward to making memories!

Affectionately Yours,