Friday, December 6, 2013

6 Word Memoir Poems~Honoring Nelson Mandela

Our unit-You are Your Own Superhero had us look at real life heroes. Nelson Mandela was featured as one. We immersed ourselves with informational text, video clips, songs and quotes from primary and secondary resources. Upon his passing we paid tribute to him by composing 6 Word Poems.
Learning is a process in our room. In order for our 6 Word poem product to be created, we took notes as we listened to the different mediums for information for this man.
We listened for words that "moved us" as readers and listeners. 
 We learned how to write a 6 Word Memoir poem by:
1. Starting with a list
2. Circle words that stand out
3. Write..write and write
4. Synthesize
5. Capture memoir meaning and limit it to 6 words

After this process we came up with some amazing 6 Word Poem Memoirs honoring Nelson Mandela.

Long walk to peace and freedom-Grace
Seeing through the fog of hate-Grace
27 years in prison…...seems impossible-Sofie
Value lives, love yours, be peaceful-Cole
Love and forgive and be free-Emilie
A fearless man, fighting for freedom-Lily
An inspiration for all, Nelson Mandela-Lily
Mandela fights for freedom for me-Andrew
Though struggle is inevitable, devoted faith triumphs-Julia
A man of courage and peace-Eric
His choices tested his undaunted courage-Ethan
He lives with equality and harmony-Miles
LOve in a world of hate-Esme
Devoted to equality and peace-Connor
25 years imprisoned, still found hope-Connor
He fought in a peaceful way-Zach

the man who fought for freedom-Zach
We are equal in different ways-Eleen
Leave hatred or still be imprisoned-Luke
World’s balance relies on your heart-Kathryn
Freedom for world….Real life hero-Trinity
Mandela’s palm resembled his home, Africa-Amy
There were clouds then joyful sunlight-Brian
Mandela devoted to society for freedom-Madison
Accused of treason,prison then set free-Madison

the hero of Africa, a fearless leader-Alessandra
Hopeful night and day...Mandela's dream-Ella
Great spirit the world will miss-Vivi
A special noble man from Africa-Hannah
Hope for balance, freedom from courage-Romy
nelson Mandela fought peacefully for freedom- Noor
Using peace and harmony to fight - Samantha
Love and forgive and be free- Emilie
Mandela fights for freedom for me- Andrew
Many years in prison is still tenacious- Anastasia

I am so proud of these kids, our future is in great hands. Enjoy one of our favorite videos that inspires us to be a better person.

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